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Decofinder - Mars 2021

Maison fondée par Sarah Cami dans le but d'allier les métiers d'art pour créer de véritables accessoires de bien être visuel... Lire la suite ici  

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bougies rondes laquées Bona Fide - Février 2021

First of all, don’t miss the first candle collection of Bona Fide. This new flame recently born from the warm impulse of the inventive spirit of Sarah Cami, who had the chance to travel a lot and to find a real inspiration through this way of life. With this new adventure, this epicurean lady developed a cosy, colorful and delicately scented universe, for all the aesthetes, cautious of their lifestyle.

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One thing we’re so appreciative of is our talented friends. We’re surrounded by smart, kind and creative makers and doers. This is what Startup Spotlight is about: showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit of the amazing people we know—and that you know, too! Lire l’article de Maggie Kim ...

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Bona Fide dans IN LUXURY

IN. Luxury Home Paris - Février 2021

Bona Fide dans la presse - IN. Luxury Home Paris - Février 2021

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