Nathalie Feisthauer


Nathalie Feisthauer for BONA fide

For more than 30 years, Nathalie was a Perfumer in major companies such as Givaudan (1983-2008) and Symrise (2008-2014).

Today, Nathalie is writing a new chapter as an independent perfumer: freedom, 360° contact, sincerity and passion take on their full meaning. The Roure (today Givaudan) - Grasse perfumery school is the most prestigious perfumery school.

In 1983, Nathalie, with a passionate and extroverted character, was the first trainee without family origin in perfumery. At the time, new trainees only came from Grasse, perfumery remained a family tradition.

In New York, Nathalie's career took off: In the 90s, she opened the doors of Estée Lauder and Ann Gottlieb at Givaudan. She immersed herself in American style, energy and fun.

Alternative niche brands like Etat Libre d'Orange (Putain des Palaces) or iconic brands like Hermès (Eau des Merveilles) and Cartier (Must for Men) are dear to Nathalie, Nathalie has always loved creating for such a diversity of brands.

It was in Montmartre that she created LABscent and set up her independent laboratory, in a former art gallery.

Building on her international reputation and her flagship perfume creations, Nathalie composes ever more creative fragrances for the most exclusive international niche brands in America, Dubai, Russia and Europe as well as in more than 30 other countries and now for top-of-the-range candle brands.

The FIFI award for perfumer of the year was awarded to Nathalie in 2019.

Her work as a Master Perfumer has been rewarded many times by the FIFI prizes. She subsequently received several awards for her creations, such as the Niche Unique for Aedes de Venustas – Pelargonium in 2017, the Niche Exclusive for Nomenclature – fluo_ral in 2019, the prize for Best Newcomer with the launch of the Under the Coat in 2020, the Cosmétiquemag Distribution Sélective - Niche Perfumery Bronze Medal for Burdin - Amoroso and the Client's Choice - Niche Fragrance FIFI Award with L'ORCHESTRE parfum - Electro Limonade in 2021.

A few words from Nathalie about her collaboration with BONA fide:

" There are encounters that are obvious, joys that meet, aesthetics...; and madness...

I immediately liked Sarah's ardor and energy… who knows what is beautiful… and who allows herself to be daring. Our collaboration is really a ping-pong of exchanges, leads, ideas… and at the end I discover in which beautifully designed pot Sarah will have imagined putting it.

Audacious, joyful and demanding… a true Parisienne…"


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