Our refills for scented candles



It is through six looks and two mouths illustrated by Armelle Tissier that “Les Parfumées” seduces and fascinates. Each drawing represents a character trait. Sometimes Shy, sometimes Gourmet or Mystical, it is with delight that we discover this collection.

Designed by Nathalie Feisthauer exclusively for BONA Fide, each perfume, made in Grasse and respecting tradition, is represented by a color. A veritable fragrant rainbow that harmoniously adorns interiors.

Each ceramic is reusable. Whether as a candle using the refills to be placed inside, or as an object of table art for everyone's pleasure.
Certified "Limoges Porcelain" and made in France, each 200g candle lasts approximately 60 hours.

Our porcelains

For our first collection of scented candles, I wanted a reusable container but not only with refills. A pretty object on its own.

Limoges porcelain imposed itself on me very quickly. Its finesse, its whiteness and its robustness make it a durable object.

To give them this second life and be able to put them on your tables, it was imperative that they be fully enamelled, inside and out.

They are microwave and dishwasher safe. Once washed, they no longer smell of perfume, are not greasy. Their second life can begin.

You can also reuse them with our refills. They are molded in the same ceramics and are perfectly adjusted. There is no manipulation to do except to put the scented candle refill inside.

The perfume

At BONA fide, we are fortunate to work with Nathalie Feisthauer for the creation of perfumes.

Nathalie is an internationally renowned perfumer who has created for the greatest French houses and abroad, including the flagship of French luxury, Hermès.

Complex and unique fragrances, created like skin fragrances, for BONA fide that give each candle its own identity. Thanks to Nathalie's talent, jasmine, rose, vanilla, patchouli or even leather take on another dimension.

We work with Nathalie's suppliers, all in Grasse of course, but above all high quality suppliers, who themselves supply the big houses.

A quality candle will release its fragrance even when extinguished. So light up...


A very controversial subject to which I will return.

Each type of wax has its qualities and disadvantages to consider when making candles, especially scented candles.

The compromise is made on the diffusion of the perfume, the duration of combustion, the conservation of the candle, the visual aspect over time, the resistance to temperature differences linked to storage conditions...

At BONA fide, we work on a mixture of mineral and vegetable wax because, without a doubt, paraffin is the one that best transmits the finesse of the perfume and guarantees its olfactory "stability" over time, but also its appearance. For a perfumer's candle, there are ultimately quite a few options. That being said, there is paraffin and paraffin.

Beyond the choice of wax, its quality also depends on its origin, European standards being the strictest.

Our scented candles are entirely made in France.

Luxury also means manufacturing in France and highlighting unique know-how, working with craftsmen and artists, each in their own field.