We received a lot of questions on social networks and by email.
So much so that we decided to answer it here:

  • How do your “Les Parfaites” lacquered round candles melt? Are they flowing?

Our Les Parfaites candles do not leak at all! And yes, they melt inside and become real lanterns.

our lacquered round candles

So light the lacquered round candle you have chosen, wait a few hours and admire the show...

We promise they look even better lit!

  • Do you have to put your round candles on a stand? Do they stain?

Absolutely not ! If you see them on a cup or stand sometimes, it's just for the picture and to show you different presentation options. They have a small pad underneath. Your tables and shelves are safe.

  • How long do your candles burn?

Our scented candles give you approximately 60 hours of combustion and the round lacquered candles, more than 100 hours.

Something to keep you company for a looooong moment...

  • How are your candles delivered?

Our scented and lacquered candles are delivered in luxurious packaging and always accompanied by a shopping bag and a card with our logo to write your word on. They are ready to offer or to keep for fun!

We have chosen to work with quality materials to offer you finished products in the image of our candles.

Our candles and their elegant packaging. A stylish and chic gift

  • I would like to offer one of your candles to someone, do you have any supplements?

None !

We ship all our candles with a shopping bag, a thank you card and a small gift (postcard or matches) and a blank card if you wish to write it yourself.

If you don't have time, you can save the note you want to send and we'll write it for you, by hand.

  • Where do you deliver?
We deliver in metropolitan France, Corsica, in the European Union for free. We also deliver to the UK and USA.
More countries will soon be added to our destinations!

Do not hesitate to send us yours!