Marie-Gabrielle Glock

After long studies and a stint in large international companies, Marie-Gabrielle changed paths to devote herself to activities more in line with her personality and her desires.

Five years ago, she swapped her hat as a strategy consultant for that of production manager in the audiovisual sector. At the same time, she developed her activity as a painter and was thus able to deepen her taste for photography and video, through both personal and professional projects.

MG Glock for BONA fide

A few words from Marie-Gabrielle about her collaboration with BONA fide:

"My love of bright and intense colors, present in my painting and in BONA fide candles, made me immediately sensitive to the world of Bona Fide. I try to find, in my photos and as in my paintings, this multicolored and shimmering palette. Through the exploration of bodies or objects, I seek these luminous, sometimes confusing chords, unusual and harmonious nuances to re-enchant reality."

My grain of salt:

After seeing our candles at a friend's house, Marie-Gabrielle contacted me to show me the photos she had taken of them. I was immediately won over by her vision, her style, she was able to bring our pieces to life, both the lacquered candles, which are very difficult to photograph, and our scented candles which she brings to life.
Since then, Marie-Gabrielle has taken all our photos, and another nice project to come because I also love her painting.