When Sarah contacted me to offer me to work with her on her first collection of candles, I immediately accepted, seduced by the project to create the 8 illustrations that would adorn the ceramic pots of each of the fragrances imagined by Nathalie . Feisthauer .

Bona fide scented candles


On the theme of "Portrait", Sarah expected me to illustrate feminine character traits through 8 looks and mouths and with, for only technical constraint, the use of Black and White to contrast with the colored waxes of each candle.

Accustomed to working almost exclusively for communication agencies, with extremely structured briefs, I was very enthusiastic about the idea of working on a project giving me such creative freedom.

Based on the names of each candle, I therefore imagined 6 looks and 2 mouths to match the 8 fragrances.

I chose for this project to mix pencil drawing and black watercolor wash.

Bona fide scented candles

My idea was to have something authentic, simple and spontaneous in the final rendering, which is why I deliberately left the sketch very visible under the wash.

I like an illustration to show all the stages of its creation, including the first sketches, the imperfect lines, the gray areas suggested by hatching, I find that gives it a greater authenticity and a kind of dynamism that we lose a little with the very smooth rendering of digital drawing which predominates everywhere now (and which I also practice a lot myself in my other professional projects)...

Bona fide scented candles

I was very happy to have contributed, with my work, to the creation of this collection of original candles, which, I hope, will be able to seduce as much by its perfumes as by its artistic identity.


Armelle Tissier